Downtown San Antonio is an amazing place to live, and there are a ton of things that attract people to it. The food, bars, nightlife, and plethora of activities make it a great place to be for all kinds of people.

However there isn’t a ton of land downtown, so many things are multiple stories and/or very dense to accommodate for the demand of people wanting to live in and around the area. With this in mind, one of the most important things for a future homeowner is space or square footage within their home.

How many square feet does the home or unit have? How spacious is the home? Does it feel big or does it feel cramped? These are very common and very important questions to ask when house hunting in downtown San Antonio!

A huge factor that plays into this is the floor plan of the home. Two homes can have the same square footage, and bed/bath mix, but feel very different because of the floor plan. The floor plan is so critical to making sure that every foot is utilized effectively. You want to maximize the square footage and make sure there isn’t any “dead space” or wasted space that could be better used elsewhere.

Coming from the Luxury custom home market here in San Antonio we know a thing or two about drawing homes and then building them. One thing that makes us super unique is that we have the entire process in-house. We not only draw the plans, but we also price and build the plans. This allows us aka “the builder” to have input on the floor plans, and ensure that it not only works on paper but also in the real world for everyday use. 

Our Rose Ln Lofts located in the infamous Tobin Hill, Lucas St Lofts located in the beautiful and peaceful neighborhood of Mahncke Park, and Ira Ave Lofts also in Mahncke Park are great examples of this! Each of those communities was drawn and built by us. All of the floor plans are different, but the quality of work and effective use of space is clearly evident in all of them. 

Check out the Ira Ave Lofts located in Mahncke Park in downtown San Antonio for a great example of this! We have 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, and garages for each of the units. There are plenty of closets for storage, tons of cabinets in the kitchen for cooking, and open spaces for your imagination to run wild. This community is a shining example of maximizing the space within a home!

As always if you have any questions or interest in downtown San Antonio give us a call! We would love to see what we can do for you, and how we can serve you and make downtown San Antonio your new home. 

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– Michael Guzik