Adam Sanchez

Partner / Head of Construction

Adam understands that you truly never stop learning. He strives to keep Center City on the forefront of construction technology and up to date on the latest materials and construction methods. He has served as a member of the following organizations: Board and Executive Committee of the Greater San Antonio Builders Association, Texas Association of Builders, co-founder and former President of the Texas Custom Builders Guild, National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB), and NAHB Builder 20 Club. The NAHB Builder 20 Club, also known as “The Highenders,” is a group of custom homebuilders from across the United States devoted exclusively to high-end luxury homebuilding.

In his leisure time, Adam enjoys spending time with his family, golfing, fishing, hunting, motorcycle riding, and traveling.

Christopher Gill

Partner / Head of Acquisitions & Deal Structure

Christopher is a South Texas real estate developer and host of Deconstructing the Home. He has worked on countless real estate projects, both residential and commercial. His portfolio has included income-producing rental real estate, commercial property, dozens of flip homes, and land development deals.

Projects through his business, Svelte Design, are centered on areas of urban growth and renewal. This has allowed him to develop an expertise in a very competitive business.

Nik Villarreal

Construction Manager

“Nik Villarreal brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Center City. He graduated from the University of Texas San Antonio in 2004 with a BS in Architecture. He quickly learned how to manage subcontractors as a project Superintendent during the early days of Diamante Custom Homes. He also led a team of young architects at Luna Architecture where he was able to hone his craft.

Nik ran his own plan designing operation where he collaborated on larger construction projects, such as Morgan’s Wonderland and San Antonio River Authority. He also acquired estimating and purchasing experience over the years, which has helped him become one of the most well-rounded assets on the team. Nik is OSHA certified and jumps at any available chance to continue his education.”


Fusing urban design and a truly custom experience to deliver dream homes and commercial build outs with the greatest quality.