Denver Heights

Whether you want to experience the historical sites or check out the lesser-known architectural marvels, Denver Heights has something for everyone. If you are on a solo journey, now might be the perfect time to search for the best places in Denver Heights.

Brief History

Denver Heights may not be as famous as other neighborhoods, such as Dignowity Hill, but the foundation of its historical relevance signifies more with San Antonio. In fact, it is one of the oldest African-American neighborhoods in the city. Initially, Denver Heights served as an intersection between small businesses, churches, artistic community, and attractive real estate properties.

During the 1930s, W.H.Leonard’s Pine Street Pharmacy was the main neighborhood attraction. Now there is an abundance of things attracting families to the area. One of the many is the immense historical pride and civic duty among the residents of Denver Heights. What is even more interesting is that instead of losing the charm with time, Denver Heights is becoming one of the most attractive sites in San Antonio.

Why Real Estate Is Booming in Denver Heights

Apart from tourism, one of the biggest reasons Denver Heights is booming in real estate is due to the interest of financial giants. As a result, the neighborhood’s economic development is thriving at a faster pace.

Statistics: Benefits of Living in Denver Heights

  • It has a lower density of population of around 7064
  • Most of the population comprises Millennials of median age (27.4)
  • 44% of the families have kids under 18
  • Equality standards of male to female ratio equal to positive 1.1:1 [Source]

Denver Heights: The Most Common Misconceptions

Contrary to misguided perception, the crime wave in the Denver Heights is significantly low. The city’s theft and homicide rates are gradually declining. In fact, it is one of the safest neighborhoods in San Antonio.

Essential Things-To-Do in Denver Heights Neighborhood

From retail shops to small startup businesses, there are numerous restaurants and historical spots you can visit in the Denver Heights. Restaurants such as Tony G’s Soul Food and Mark’s Outing make the neighborhood open for food enthusiasts.

In addition, if you want a recommendation for the best hang out place, Cherrity Bar is one of the best community places where people gather to partake in fascinating conversations.

That said, if you want to taste the best wine, Southtown Wine & Tapas on South of Presa Street is a great space to chill. There is a great mixture of local, organic, and healthy cuisines you can order.

Final Thoughts

Over the years, Denver Heights has made a lot of improvements in a short time. The residents optimistically look forward to initiatives that are more peaceful in the foreseeable future. It is a community that you can call home and be proud of.

It is no wonder more families intend to start a new life in the Denver Heights. Naturally, people want a place to think and live to the fullest. Denver Heights is in a continuous state of transition, which means you can save money and still explore the wild side of the neighborhood.

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