“Location is everything” is one of the most popular sayings when it comes to Real Estate. This is why Mahncke Park is quickly becoming one of San Antonio’s hottest neighborhoods downtown. This neighborhood is just off of Broadway across from the San Antonio Zoo, Brackenridge Park and Golf Course, The DoSeum, The Botanical Gardens and plenty of other attractions and restaurants. You have easy access to The Pearl, Alamo Heights, Biking/walking Trails, and some of the city’s best colleges. This neighborhood is transitioning fast with new infill neighborhoods being built, rundown buildings and complexes being fixed up and new families moving in to call this place home.

Mahncke is a true community with neighbors who care about each other and stop to chat while out for a walk. The walkability is delightful with sidewalks shaded by lovely old trees all along your journey. The Mahncke Park community garden is also a very unique opportunity for those with green thumbs to grow plants, fruits and/or vegetables while getting to know others in the community.

Mahncke Park is also home to Lamar Elementary School which is an amazing school that consistently is a district choice school and ranks among the top SAISD schools in the city. Many people in and around downtown have to pay a pretty penny to go to a private school and having a great neighborhood school that you don’t have to pay for is a huge bonus to families. Many parents from around the city beg to get into this school and are put into a lottery system to see who is allowed to attend this school. However if Mahncke Park is your home you are guaranteed a spot at this school! There are plenty of school clubs and events going on throughout the year to keep your children entertained, informed, and involved in the community and with their classmates! With an amazingly designed building, expansive library, and gorgeous playground for the kids you really can’t ask for a better school for your kids.

Mahncke Park is a place rich with history and is home to many military families and young married couples. As downtown San Antonio has changed so has Mahncke Park but it still has the same sense of community, peace, and appreciation for nature that it always had. Definitely consider this area if you are looking for a quiet, peaceful and friendly community to call home!