Here at Center City we are not just a builder or developer. We are also DEAL FINDERS here that find amazing off market opportunities to invest in. Many people have extra money and wonder what they can invest in? Real Estate has always been an amazing opportunity, and is something we are deeply passionate about here at Center City Development.

We understand what a good deal looks like and know what to look for regardless of the type of deal. Because of our construction and development background we are very familiar with today’s construction costs, and have our finger on that pulse every week. This allows us to really know whether the deal is over priced, underpriced or fairly priced. We also can take down deals that others can’t because we see opportunities where others don’t.

We get pieces of land, mobile home parks, commercial buildings, storage unit facilities, and apartment complexes sent to us every week, but we go an extra step as well to find amazing deals.  We do our own in depth research and contact the owners directly. This helps us get good deals even in today’s hot market, and allows us to work on obtaining investments that aren’t even “for sale”.

There are a few ways to invest and work with us!

Passive Investing: 

  • Many well paid professionals or active investors looking to diversify their portfolio want to own real estate, but aren’t interested in taking an active role in the management and operations.
  • This is true “mailbox” money and is usually structured with a preferred return as well as an equity ownership stake in the project.
  • We handle every step of the process – from SEC compliance and filing to selecting and executing on the investment, to dispositions and sale or refinance of the asset.
  • There are numerous tax advantages
  • Annual returns usually range between 12% – 18%

Semi-Passive Investing:

  • If you own investment real estate and are ready to take a step back, or focus on a different area of your business, we want to help make this transition as smooth and painless as possible.
  • We work with investors who want to sell equity in a building or trade equity for significant remodeling or construction projects.
  • We help investors bring in management companies to ensure their assets are being handled in the most cost efficient way possible.
  • We help investors prepare their properties for a sale by doing upgrades and remodeling to an asset.
  • So if you’re wanting to maintain an active role in your properties, but need another player on your team Center City is there to assist.

Development Partnerships:

  • If you are looking for a true partnership with an experienced investment and development company you’ve come to the right place!
  • We help property owners strategize and execute on a plan to develop land they no longer are using, or want to do something with.
  • We assist business owners complete large renovations and re-positioning of existing assets to capture equity and increase cashflow.
  • We help creative professionals and investors develop and execute on projects ranging from small multifamily or self storage complexes to large mixed use office and retail complexes.
  • When partnering with a client we will normally take an upfront management fee and then split the equity created in the deal
  • Annual returns range from high teens to well over 40%

Real Estate Professional Partnership:

  • At Center City our team understands and loves to work with members in all areas of the real estate industry.
  • If you are a homebuilder who wants to start investing in real estate and not just building for others we’d love to help.
  • If you’re a real estate broker who wants to invest alongside clients and set up real estate syndications or a fund we want to talk to you!
  • If you’re an architect who has a vision and investors for incredible projects, but you aren’t sure of the mechanics to move your project to the next level, please reach out!
  • As real estate professionals, we have a unique perspective and skill set that makes spearheading profitable real estate projects much more straightforward than outside funds or investors.
  • At Center City we want to bridge the gap between active industry professionals and passive investors. We will help you take the knowledge and experience you have and turn it into legacy wealth that allows you to retire or scale your business and lifestyle however you want.

We always love to work with others here in Downtown San Antonio and the surrounding areas to see what we can accomplish together. Give us a call or reach out if you have any questions, or would like to see what we can do for you!