Center City Development was created out of a need for quality craftsmanship in the downtown urban core. JAS Development has been building luxury homes for over 30 years all over San Antonio, and the surrounding areas in the most prestigious, and well-known custom home neighborhoods. 

Our flagship company Diamante Luxury Homes builds amazingly beautiful custom homes and is a truly custom process. Our trades, contractors, and project managers are used to a high level of excellence and attention to detail. We decided to bring this quality, knowledge, and expertise to a more affordable price point in the downtown San Antonio market. 

We were continuously seeing lackluster builds, with half-hearted warranty efforts and poor customer service. Many of our clients, families, and neighbors in the real estate construction community kept asking us to please do smaller projects at a lower price point. This is how Center City Development was born! 

Our focus for Center City is downtown’s urban core here in downtown San Antonio. We have built-in Alamo Heights, Tobin Hill, Southtown, King Williams, and Mahncke Park. These neighborhoods are all unique and exciting in their own way and we love bringing new tastes and amazing projects to those areas!

If you want to see our Tobin Hill community be sure to check out our Rose Ln Lofts located at 135 Rose Ln. This was a unique four-unit condo community nestled on a side street right off of the St Mary’s Strip. These families can take a two-minute walk and be right on the strip next to restaurants, bars, and amazing places to spend time with friends!

Check out the lofts here:

We built an amazing house in Alamo Heights that is a modern farmhouse with big beautiful windows, and stunning features, all while giving an amazing home-like feel throughout the home.

Check out the home here:

Mahncke Park has been our favorite neighborhood recently. We have built and sold a community off of Lucas St which was a quaint four-unit modern farmhouse community. We are also currently building a 19 unit condo community on Ira Ave. This is an updated traditional new construction condo community with each unit having three bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, a covered garage, and two balconies!

Check out our Lucas St Lofts here:

Check out our Ira Ave Lofts here: