In today’s hot market there are a plethora of homes to choose from when searching for a home. You can buy a newly constructed home, an older pre-existing home, or a home that is to be built. Depending on your wants and needs, you may be looking at a nice suburban home in a quiet neighborhood, an urban loft downtown, a house in the hill country, or a condo/townhouse with minimal maintenance!

With a ton of different market’s and areas in our wonderfully diverse city of San Antonio we knew we would have to focus to be excellent at something, and we chose downtown San Antonio. We know that downtown isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but our niche is in new construction homes in and around downtown’s urban core, and we strive to be the best at it!

We know that there are a ton of options when it comes to available inventory in one of the best urban cities in the nation. We are not silly enough to think that we are the only builder, but we strive to be your only builder! We do this by creating an experience of transparency and empathy as we build the best home possible for you and your family.

COVID-19 and this pandemic has definitely created stressful situations in all industries, especially Real Estate and specifically New Construction Homes. Supply chain issues, labor shortages, price increases, and an increasing housing demand are just a few of the issues builder’s face in today’s market.

During these stressful times we have been doing our absolute best to create an open line of honest communication with our families. We realize the importance of delivery and move-in dates and how it has a major impact on people’s current and future lives. We have weekly construction meetings every Tuesday and discuss progress, obstacles, and solutions to see how we can overcome challenges and be more efficient in our construction process.

After this weekly construction meeting our head of sales Michael Guzik puts together a weekly update video and sends it to all of our buyers/buyer’s agents. This way every week they know what is going on in the community, what will be done during the remainder of the week, and most importantly, if there are any potential or inevitable delays that will impact the delivery date.

This has allowed homeowners to plan ahead accordingly and not feel in the dark and/or ignored during the construction process. Some weekly conversations are not easy but we would rather be honest and keep our clients informed than to be silent and avoid an honest and tough conversation.

We are consistently facing new challenges every week in this crazy pandemic market and are doing our best to be creative and effective, along with being transparent with our clients and their families. We hope to continue building a quality product for years to come, and will do whatever we can to make sure we serve our families to the best and highest level possible!

– Michael Guzik