Downtown San Antonio, a vibrant fusion of history, culture, and modernity, is not just a monolithic entity. Instead, it’s a collection of unique neighborhoods, each with its own character and charm. Join us as we explore these distinct areas, showcasing the diversity and vibrancy that makes downtown San Antonio a sought-after urban living destination.

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Historic District

The Historic District of downtown San Antonio is a gateway to the city’s rich history. Steeped in centuries-old tradition, it’s home to The Alamo, San Fernando Cathedral, and many beautifully preserved Spanish colonial buildings. Living here means residing amidst living history, perfect for those who appreciate the city’s heritage.

Market Square

Known as “El Mercado,” this three-block outdoor plaza is bustling with life. A microcosm of the city’s Latin roots, it offers a blend of shopping, dining, and cultural experiences. Residential options here are ideal for those looking for a vibrant neighborhood that encapsulates the festive spirit of San Antonio.


Southtown is a hub for artists, creators, and innovators. Known for its First Friday art events, vibrant murals, and eclectic shops, this neighborhood is perfect for those who thrive on creativity. With a Center City home in Southtown, you’ll never be far from inspiration.

River Walk

Located along the banks of the San Antonio River, the River Walk is a verdant oasis nestled within the city. This neighborhood is filled with restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues, all interconnected by picturesque walkways along the river. For those who seek tranquility amidst city life, a home near the River Walk is a dream come true.


Once the site of the 1968 World’s Fair, Hemisfair is now a sprawling park and a neighborhood of its own. It’s a perfect place for families, boasting playgrounds, interactive water features, and regular community events. Owning a new construction home here means you’ll have the city’s best family-friendly amenities on your doorstep.

King William Historic District

Just south of downtown, the King William Historic District offers a mix of history, architecture, and local culture. With beautiful homes dating back to the late 1800s, tree-lined streets, and art galleries, this district exudes old-world charm combined with a modern twist.

The Pearl

Once a brewery, The Pearl has transformed into a trendy neighborhood filled with top-rated restaurants, boutique shops, and the renowned Pearl Farmers Market. Living here means enjoying a lively, contemporary lifestyle amidst San Antonio’s culinary and cultural scene.


Downtown San Antonio’s neighborhoods offer an array of lifestyles, from the historic to the trendy, from the artistic to the family-oriented. This diversity is one of the many reasons why urban living in San Antonio is so appealing.

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In San Antonio, the heart of Texas, every neighborhood tells a story. Your story could begin with Center City. It’s time to explore urban living in downtown San Antonio, where every day is unique, just like its neighborhoods.