San Antonio was the first civil settlement in what was formerly a part of Mexico in 1821-1836. Since it was founded by the Spanish, it is rich with Mexican culture that we now refer to as Mexican-American. You can see the Mexican American Culture alive and well throughout the city in the food, architecture, art, music and style of the people that call it home.

Our city is not only home to Mexican culture but German, Anglo and African American cultures as well. San Antonio is so dynamic and this is why many people are proud to call it home. The diversity truly is what makes San Antonio, San Antonio. One of the many reasons why people love downtown San Antonio is because all these cultures thrive downtown in what most consider a “melting pot” of cultures.

Everyone is able to enjoy one another, celebrate and usually taste the amazing features of each culture! One of the most popular and famous events that San Antonio is known for is Fiesta (San Antonio’s version of Mardi Gras).

This is an annual event hosted by the city to raise money to keep the city beautiful, full of local vendors serving beer, food and homemade gifts. This event really brings the city together to enjoy pretty much a whole month of Mexican cultural fun. There are multiple parades with an abundance of clubs, cultures, academies, schools and organizations decorating their own float to parade through the streets, for everyone to enjoy and celebrate!

NIOSA (Night In Old San Antonio) is the premier fiesta float parade with hundreds of floats cruising through the streets of downtown San Antonio! NIOSA occurs in the heart of downtown San Antonio on the grounds of La Villita Historic Arts Village District, with its nearly five acres of historic buildings, cobblestoned streets, limestone walls and fountains;

A Night In Old San Antonio pays homage to the city’s diverse culture with food, music and décor that transform the village into numerous unique cultural areas! NIOSA is a “Celebration for Preservation” and the #1 fundraiser for historic preservation in the entire country! It is presented by and benefits The Conservation Society of San Antonio (one of the nation’s oldest and most active historic preservation organizations) 100%.

The Society has been responsible for saving numerous historic buildings, parks and waterways that make San Antonio one of the best destinations in all of Texas, including the the Aztec Theater, Fairmount Hotel,  Casa Navarro State Historic Site, and all the structures in the La Villita Historic District;

Downtown San Antonio is an amazing place to be and live, there are options for anyone to enjoy and have fun doing! If you are looking to build, buy, invest or live in the urban core of San Antonio give us a call! We would love to see how we can serve you and your family to live here in downtown San Antonio.