San Antonio has a very rich and often overlooked culture. Despite it being one of the largest cities in the nation, it still feels small and connected in a way that many cities aren’t. Many people believe that gentrification and development of older communities is wrong, removes the culture and is strictly for the profit of a few.

We believe that San Antonio has done an amazing job of embracing change, while still maintaining it’s core values, culture and being inclusive of everyone. With San Antonio staying true to its Mexican American culture, the downtown scene has become an amazing place to live, spend time, eat and enjoy the company of friends and new people!

There is a great amount of urban growth with both commercial and residential development happening all over the city! This new development has grown the community in so many ways other than just construction. The restoration of parks, the cleaning up of once “ghost town” -esque areas of town now filled with laughter, along with the growth of locally owned businesses,  have made downtown a highly desirable community to live in. Downtown San Antonio is now a place that people seek and go to for laughter, belongingness, fun, and just a great time.

Center City has a great part in the urbanization of downtown, with each project selling out before construction is even finished. We believe we have found the balance of the highest quality for the most affordable price! We give our families exactly what they need and want and then some.  We also have the options to really make their home individual and unique which is critical to the feeling of a home.

Within our communities we offer great upgrades on top of our beautiful base models making it even more unique/individual and allowing families to put their touch, taste, history and spin on the place they will call home and spend time with loved ones in!

We have two communities that still have limited availability in the downtown area. Our first is our Ira Ave Lofts premier and unique customizable condo’s in the heart of downtown off Broadway, and our Brazos Commons a boutique customizable single family community in one of the newest up and coming areas of downtown San Antonio!

Check out the video tour for our Brazos Commons here (CLICK HERE)

If you are looking to buy, build, develop or sell a downtown property please give us a call! We would love to serve you and your family and see what we can accomplish together!